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The Best Jewelry at the 2019 MET Gala

The ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ theme equaled a colorful red carpet

Lady Gaga wearing a Tiffany Blue Book necklace at The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion.

In the lead up to this year’s MET Gala, even hostess Anna Wintour admitted there was some confusion on how to dress for the Camp: Notes on Fashion theme. I suspect some notes from the fashion editor were sent out with general directives because people came dressed in a few different categories. There was showgirl chic and a Valley of the Dolls vibe. Pink was clearly the camp color of choice. Gold was a close second.

People who really went for the theme fell into two categories. Those who are always camp in their style just looked more so. People who aren’t too camp regularly were, in some instances, almost unrecognizable.

As for the jewelry, it came in all shapes and sizes. There was High Jewelry from the big houses that debuted on the pink carpet. Some super fun designer pieces were among the array. And there were costume looks that played on the potential camp quality of fine jewelry. See all the best from the red carpet below.

Queen of Camp, Lady Gaga wore four different outfits on the red carpet and one Tiffany necklace set 28-carats of princess-cut diamonds and a gold butterfly accent from the 2019 Blue Book collection.  The singer who was a co-host of the evening explained, “As Susan Sontag suggested in her 1964 essay, camp is above all a mode of enjoyment and appreciation. I chose to wear Tiffany’s solid gold butterfly, which is dressed in radiant diamonds, as the epitome of enjoyment and appreciation above all else. It’s a moment of fantastical glamour and an appreciation of the glorious beauty of nature.”

Jennifer Lopez wore Harry Winston’s Purple Dragon Necklace set with a 65.32 carat purple sapphire set in a 129.48 carat diamond and platinum necklace.

Miley Cyrus wore several Bulgari jewels including a pair of vintage diamond and platinum earrings made around 1930 from the Heritage collection.

Katy Perry’s Moschino chandelier outfit was so elaborate she didn’t appear to be wearing any other jewels beyond her engagement ring.

Naomi Campbell wore archival Bulgari ruby and diamond jewels to this year’s Met Gala, paired with high jewelry earrings and bracelets. The stunning, standout diamond heritage bracelet made in 1959 is a red carpet favorite that has been worn by actresses Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and Julia Roberts at various events in the past.

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